About The Sales Institute

THE SALES INSTITUTE that has been assisting businesses to optimise their Sales Processes and drive their bottom line since 2012. We believe that our approach is different in that whilst we draw on the latest research findings from around the world, we also adapt the same to suit the requirements of each client. We offer a range of Sales Performance Tools, customised Sales Training, Certification Courses, Sales Coaching and Sales Assessment Tools to drive the performance of your business. After all, SALES are still the lifeblood of the organisation. We spend time interviewing team leaders and members to identify their skills or competency gaps in order to design interventions that have the most impact.

Our Approach

THE SALES INSTITUTE believes in using a blend of real-world theory, mixed strongly with activities and role-plays to anchor the key learning objectives.

THE SALES INSTITUTE recognizes the uniqueness of each assignment, with different challenges and diverse opportunities, so our process is very consultative and exploratory to uncover the areas that need the most focus and attention. If you are looking to transform your sales force and increase revenues and profits, then contact The Sales Institute for a customized intervention that will transform your business.

THE SALES INSTITUTE also offers Sales Qualifications that are industry-led and directly related to sales roles. They are available as Certificates and Diplomas - qualifications that are delivered via a mix of online and instructor-led courses. Our qualifications combine the practice and principles of Sales Management to offer universal relevance, whatever sector, organization, or country our candidates work in.

They are based on principles which set out the knowledge, skills, and behaviors expected of competent sales professionals. The programs are designed to accommodate each and every potential salesperson along their career path from the earliest stages through to when they are proficient in their craft.