Are You In Love? ❤️

Falling in love with your company, product or service is a prerequisite to achieving phenomenal success in Selling.

Robert Cialdini has written many books and articles on the principles of Persuasion and Influence. One of the first laws of persuasion is AUTHORITY - people tend to buy from people who know more about a subject than they do.

Remember how when you first fell in love, you did everything you could to find out as much as possible about that person? You wanted to know what they liked, their character, their family, friends, etc.

Dare I say you may have even ‘googled’ them and combed through their social media pages in a quest to know more about the object of your love!? This knowledge usually puts you at a distinct advantage over other suitors!

When it comes to selling, you have to once again rediscover and ‘fall in love' with your company, job, industry, and product/service. This means having an intimate knowledge of the products & services you sell. You must be known as the ‘guru’ or go-to person in your industry.

When you know, you become an authority in your field and this makes you more attractive to customers. Your language and vocabulary will be different. Your passion for your business will come out. And you will sound more convincing than if you were just regurgitating your product spec sheets.

As you become an authority in your field, you will inspire Confidence making it easier to Convince your audience. And customers will be more willing to trust you with their business.

There is no substitute for in-depth product knowledge. We cannot just ‘wing-it' and hope people will buy. We also need to have the depth of knowledge of our industry, and even speak the language of the technical buyers we encounter who are also part of the decision matrix.

So I will ask you again - Are you in love 😍?

Remember, having an uncommon passion for your business and the products that you sell will elevate your Selling-Game to a whole new level.

Have a Winning Week!

Thandi Miranda