Do Ethics Really Matter in Selling?

Monday Sales / Pipeline Meetings are the dread of many Salespeople, because we are constantly under pressure to deliver results - whether or not the business environment is favorable.

I am sure you have heard the saying “you are only as good as your last sale”.? It doesn’t take long for the ‘well done’ and ‘congratulations’ from your last sale to wear off, and the expectation is once again thrust on you to create another win for the business.

This places enormous pressure on the sales team to operate at peak performance on a consistent basis, something that is not practical from a natural perspective. Even champion athletes will readily confess to peaks and lows of their performance during their sporting careers.

As Salespeople, the pressure to perform can be embraced in a positive way, stretching you to become more creative and grow in areas you never thought possible. Or it can have potentially negative results - where corners are cut and unethical behavior begins to set in because you want to achieve a sale at any cost.

This can lead to engaging in pushy, aggressive or annoying behavior towards clients with the intention to ‘pressurise’ them into buying. But this is not Ethical Selling.

Ethical selling is submitting to a set of behaviors that ensure that every lead, prospect and customer is treated with respect, fairness, honesty and integrity.

Remember the goal is to make as many relationships and broaden your network as much as possible during your sales career.

Your wealth lies in your networks - relationships formed over time from the people you have served well and that begins with your Selling style.

Making a sale at any cost will cost you precious opportunities in the long run. Remember you are running 🏃🏾♂️ a marathon not a sprint.

I found the article below a practical read on how to build your credibility by engaging in Ethical Selling practices. Read and enjoy !

Have a Winning Week ahead, and remember to focus on the longterm goal of creating a robust network of people you have served well. That’s your true Pension…

Thandi Miranda