Everybody Loves to Win!

Fans of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham are walking on a high from their team’s win over this weekend !

The English Premier League (EPL) is a multi-billion dollar business because it taps into the desire we all have to experience a Win at some point in our lives.

Most of us have that rich relative who owns multiple businesses, drives expensive cars, lives in a fancy house and buys only the best clothes, or orders only the most expensive drink when they go out. You know that he/she is loaded and can afford to give you the money to start your own business. But no matter how you approach him for the funds, he still says ‘I don’t have the money.

When a suspect or prospect you are pursuing says “I don’t have the money” , you must check the following :

1. Am I appealing both to his left brain (logical, analytical, wants facts) and his right brain (tapping into his emotions - pleasure, pain, ego)?

2. Have I answered the question in his head of ‘What’s in it for me?’ (WIIFM)

3. Have I painted a clear picture in the prospect’s mind of how they will WIN from buying our product or solution i.e articulated VALUE...

You see, Everybody loves to Win!

People fantasize about winning all the time, and dream about how good it feels to come out at the top 🥳

If you’re not communicating Value, you are not signaling a Win... And if you’re not tapping into the prospect’s desire to win, then chances are you won’t get the sale.

Your message/sales conversation should appeal both to reason, and the desire to ‘win’.

So the goal today is to signal to your target how doing business with you will cause them to “win” and make their lives better.

Have a Winning Week ahead!

Thandi Miranda