It is Relationships that make the world go round.

Ever noticed how some people seem to get more things done because they have so many ‘connections’ in different places?

They have discovered the secret power of relationships to open doors, grant access, gain favor, and be preferred.

Developing your Social Capital is increasingly becoming important in an information-loaded environment, where customers are not able to easily discern one company’s offering from another.

Social Capital has been defined as “the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively.”

Those who master the art and science of relationship-building usually live an easier life than those who don’t.

It starts off by having a genuine liking for people. This means in any social setting you embrace the opportunity to make new connections. You show interest in people and are curious about what makes them tick. You are listening and asking questions more than you are telling your story or trying to make a sale.

When you are meeting people for the first time, the goal is to connect rather than to Transact. When people sense your warmth towards them, they let their guard down and reciprocate the interest. After all, we all know that “people buy from people they like and trust”.

It takes time and effort to build relationships. You invest in your social capital by depositing into people’s lives - a word of encouragement, a useful fact, connecting them to someone else in your circle that will help advance their business/career, remembering their birthday, etc.

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Before we can transact, we must first make a Connection because connections open up the channel for us to Influence, Convince and ultimately transact with our networks.

You cannot withdraw from a relationship you have not made a deposit into. So let’s be deliberate in impacting someone’s life positively on a daily basis.

Personally, I use downtime like weekends to reach out to people that I may not have interacted with in a long time, just to keep the relationship alive. You have to be creative in maintaining that connection and growing your influence in their lives.

So ask yourself today - how am I investing in building my Social Capital on a regular basis?

Your Sales Coach