Make The Circle Bigger!

Here’s some good news for you. Social scientists say that each of us typically has on average 250 people in our network.

Now imagine that each of these 250 people in your network are also connected to potentially 250 each...What is 250x250 equal to?...62,500! Your pool of potential contacts is Massive!

That’s a lot of people that you can potentially reach using your network alone - enough to keep you busy making sales calls for a long while.

So just check your pipeline today - how many Leads, Prospects, Buyers, Customers, and Advocates do you have in your Sales Funnel?

*LEADS - everyone you know who may have the potential to buy your product or service

*PROSPECTS - these are leads that you have qualified as actually needing your solution and with the financial capacity to potentially make the purchase

*BUYERS - you have gone some way in communicating your products/solution to them and you are in discussions or negotiations

*CUSTOMERS - they have made an actual purchase of your product and are ripe for relationship management and are potential advocates

*ADVOCATES - they love your products and willingly tell anyone and everyone about you because that is how thrilled they are about doing business with your company

The key to your Sales Success today lies in the QUALITY of the network you build every day. Having 1,000+ followers on social media is not the same as cultivating 100 key decision-makers who will deliver financial value to your life.

Have a fruitful week ahead as you cultivate the daily habits that grow your Leads, Prospects, Buyers, Customers, and Advocates.

Happy Selling!

Thandi Miranda