The Science of Selling includes the discipline of following a sales process, scripts, and product information. The science is the application of the fundamentals through a well-thought sales process with well-developed tools.

Our Sales Assessment Tools will assist your business to discover where the strengths and weaknesses of each Sales Team member lie. This will inform present Sales Processes within the organisation, and provide valuable insight into future training, coaching and even recruitment of personnel for your organisation’s Sales Engine.

We employ the world renown Craftmetrics Tool developed in the USA. The Tool is designed specifically to measure the Aptitude and Personality of Salespeople and accurately predicts their outcomes and responses to various situations. The results provide a robust picture of a candidate’s key personality traits and learning ability – both of which are highly predictive of sales performance. This assessment uses a unique and highly validated method to determine true sales ability from self-inflation.

The Aptitude Test measures the applicant’s intellectual capacity, ability to learn new information and handle complex job duties. A candidate’s ability to learn is critical for success in the Sales function since Business development roles include multiple product lines and require a basic understanding of figures.